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3 Applications That Can Help You When You Stroll In Japan

When heading off to Japan’s boulevards, the train is one of the fundamental transportation modes that you can utilize. In any case, you may likewise be shocked by the multifaceted nature of these modest vehicle modes in significant urban communities, for example, Tokyo, Osaka and some other significant urban areas.

Asking the station officials is the best alternative, yet on the off chance that you don’t communicate in Japanese or read kanji, you don’t need to stress any longer. The three cell phone applications beneath can be depended on when you need to get around Japan without fearing getting lost.

1. Tokyo Rail Map + Lite

Tokyo Rail Map + Lite
Tokyo Rail Map + Lite

The application is accessible in a wide assortment of dialects, for example, English, Korean, Thai and Chinese. The primary capacity of the Tokyo Rail Map is to show the timetable, the railroad and the travel area, as it is additionally associated with the whole rail line arrange in Japan, including the metro and JR.

2. Yurekuru Call

Yurekuru Call
Yurekuru Call

Yurekuru or that could mean ‘ tremor coming ‘ is a mainstream application in Japan that can educate you concerning seismic tremors before it happens. Japan is notable as a nation with very high quake recurrence, so when you need to venture out it is acceptable to check it first by utilizing this application to keep away from the calamity. Notwithstanding the Japanese language, the application is likewise accessible in English.

3. Line


For you, the most famous visit application this one may as of now be acquainted with, nearly everybody has utilized it including Japanese individuals. On the off chance that you have companions there it doesn’t damage to get in touch with them through this application. Notwithstanding visit, this application can likewise be utilized for calling, video calls, and it would all be able to be appreciated for nothing.